Frequently Asked Question

How many loan files can be processed by a single DSA?

These is no limit to process the number of files by one DSA. A DSA can process multiple files at any given point of time without any limitation

What type of loans can be processed with Saarathi?

Currently, we deal with 4 types of loans; Property Loan, Business Loan, Loan Against Property & Personal Loan.

How much time does it take from submitting the application to disbursing the loan from Saarathi?

The digitization of the loan application file happens within 30 minutes to 2 hours. The complete sanction of the loan to the customer vary basis the process of each lender partner.

Can the loan status be tracked?

Yes, the loan status of your customer, raised by you, can be tracked anytime after you submit the application file. Status include stages like - approved by lending partner, rejected, on hold or disbursed.